New Wembley Stadium

Stadium Services

The construction and planning for the New Wembley Stadium was a huge undertaking. This was to be a new venue with a lot of history.  New Wembley Stadium officially reopened its doors in 2007 after a lengthy reconstruction following the demolition of the original stadium in 2003. During this period of development, MDA’s services were enlisted to control and manage the catering tender process. Our services here included;

  • Review the catering design and fit out
  • Undertake financial modelling
  • Prepare catering tender documents
  • Evaluate the tenders submitted
  • Conduct negotiations on behalf of the New Wembley Stadium for final selection
  • Prepare catering contract for successful tender

The internal tender process was rigorous and had to be transparent given the high profile nature of the project. Wembley now has 38 bars, 8 restaurants, 98 kitchens and 688 food and beverage service outlets.

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MDA can provide a turnkey solution from start to finish covering all elements of design tender, procurement and training.

Roger Maslin
Director of Finance WNSL